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Hemp Seed Florida Local Florida Business offering organically grown superior hemp genetics containing high levels of CBD.

Our Products

Feminized Hemp Seed

Hemp Seed in Bowl with Spoon

Feminized Hemp Seed. If you're looking to grow from seed, and don't need to worry about rouging males, our feminized seed are great choice for you and will produce a higher percentage of females. We have specifically chosen these strains to produce feminized hemp seed, and all strains are bred and managed organically in our own facilities. 

Hemp Clones

Abacus Hemp Clones

Our Hemp clones are managed organically, and are taken from mothers in our facility that have also been managed organically their whole life. The mothers have been grown and tested for several life cycles, to ensure their genetic stability and consistency 

Hemp Seed Starts

Abacus Seed Starts

We also offer seed starts from our proprietary hemp seed Florida strain, and ensured there's only females. This is the best of both worlds, as you get a taproot (that would otherwise not be present in a clone / cutting) and since the starts are already sexed, you don't have to worry about rouging males. 

Hemp Farm Video

Previous Hemp Grow Operation From Our Feminized Hemp Seed. 


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